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Does Cheap Auto Insurance Mean Bad Cover?

Cheap auto insurance = Bad coverage?


The old saying goes “You get what you pay for”. You pay very little, you can expect very little back. But if you shell out the big bucks, you should be getting the best possible services that your money can buy. But is this strictly true?

Maybe at one time it was. A long time ago. But with so many companies selling so many different things, it just isn’t that simple anymore. In our current times, spending obscene amounts of money does not guarantee you top quality service. In fact, it doesn’t guarantee you anything. In a lot of places, there is almost no correlation between money spent and services rendered.

There has been many times where I’ve spent hundreds on something expecting the world, only to be left frustrated and disappointed. Though this is harder to do with physical products than it is to do with renewable services, contracts, etc.

Now, I find it very difficult to make big one-off purchases. I really do my research before buying anything and a lot of thought goes into every purchase. But when it come to things like my energy bill and my auto insurance bills, I end up letting it slide, even though I can get things for much cheaper.

Especially with my auto insurance bill. I’m currently paying exorbitant prices for pretty much useless coverage. If having auto insurance wasn’t legally required, I would actually be better off not having insurance whatsoever than having the current contract I’m on. If I’m in a traffic collision and I’m at fault, I’ll be footing almost the entire bill for both parties. If you saw just how much I pay, you’d expect that I’d have everything covered, no excess. But unfortunately, that’s not the case.

My annual contract is reaching the end and it’s time for me decide if I’ll stick with this extortion racket or if I should look elsewhere. The obvious and only real choice, is to switch.

If, like I said, price seems to have no correlation to service, then I should be able to get full coverage for a much lower price. If there’s no correlation, then it should work both ways; Low price, great service.

I’ll get myself on the well-known comparison sites to find myself a great deal. I’ll let these comparison sites do all the work and find out who has the cheapest auto insurance with low, low excesses.

Very cheap car insurance no deposit – How I saved a lot of money

Cheaper Car Insurance = New Camera Time!


I have had the most organised week of my life, like, ever.

My mum’s on this whole organisation kick – seriously, her Pinterest is covered in meal planning, bullet journals, and SO many lists it’s unreal. And when she’s being organised, that means I have to be organised too. It started simple enough, just getting me to let her know what lunches I’m having so she can fit them into her meal planning, but on Friday it turned into a WHOLE EVENING of her teaching me about ‘financial responsibility’.

So guess who’s getting that new camera she was saving for?

Apparently the renewal for car insurance came round, and she wanted to go through it with me. Turns out, the policy I was on was pretty expensive, so we started looking around for cheaper ones. I’ve had a bit of money in my savings, and I was so worried I was going to have to take some of it to pay the deposit, but it turns out you can get very cheap car insurance no deposit needed! It’s a little bit more expensive each month, but we worked out the specifics and rather than have to spend a certain amount upfront, I can easily manage that little bit extra.

I mean, I’m not sure her expenses planning page, spreadsheet, list and assorted journal pages were necessary here, and despite her attempts I haven’t started up one myself, BUT we did work out that if we did it this way, I could get my camera next month, update my car insurance and have a little bit spare.

And, like I said, I’ve been super organised so that little bit spare isn’t being spent straight away. I haven’t decided on the next thing I want (unlike my mum, I don’t have my wishlist all written down in fancy handwriting!) but it’s nice to know that I won’t be starting completely from scratch this time.

Also, I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually know all that much about how car insurance worked and I do now – or at least, a bit more. I really wish they taught this sort of stuff in class, because much as I like to tease her, I don’t know what I’d do if my mum wasn’t willing to sit down and go through it all with me! Probably not be getting my new camera, that’s what. If you’re looking for cheap no deposit auto insurance I recommend checking out:

Full Coverage Car Insurance: The Worst Gift I’ve Ever Received (Almost)

I know this is off topic, but this is my blog so please endure blog posts once in a while!

I watched a video the other day. It was a clip from a show called ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ of a woman who saves money around the holidays by stealing her families belongings throughout the year. Wraps them up at Christmas, and then reunites her ill gotten gains to their rightful owners by way of a Christmas gift. Genius.

I’m pretty sure my family would disown me, but her family seemed to take it surprisingly well.

That got me thinking about the most disappointing gifts I have ever received.

Full coverage car insurance. Maybe it’s not the worst thing ever. But it is pretty boring. No thanks, I’ll buy that myself. If there’s anything I find less exciting than buying insurance. It’s expecting a gift only to find that it’s the invisible gift of accident cover.

Actually, I’d rather not be gifted any kind of insurance. Or have any kind of bill paid for, again. Yes, it’s useful. But I’d rather pay them myself and have an actual present. Is that OK to say? Sorry for being ungrateful.

Once, when I was about 9 I got some batteries and a bag of cheese and onion crisps out of a multipack. I didn’t like cheese and onion crisps. And didn’t have any use for the batteries.

And when I was 19 I received a customised calendar from my Aunt. It had a different picture of me for each month. All collected by my father from my laptop while I was at work. All of me at various stages of intoxication on nights out. Including one of me pole dancing. It was made worse by the fact that I knew the folder he had taken them from also contained other, slightly more ‘private’, photos. Kill me now.

So those are my top three worst ever gifts. Also you probably shouldn’t get full coverage auto insurance, but if you do, heres a tip: Get a lot of quotes: