Knight of Pentacles

Tarot of ColorUniversal Waite

Rank: Knight
Card Title: Knight of Pentacles
Esoteric Title: Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land
Astrological Attribution: Virgo (mutable earth)
Decans: The Hermit
Dates & Timing: 20° Leo to 20° Virgo
Corresponding Trump: August 12 to September 11
Elemental Attributions: Fire (hot, dry) of Earth (cold, dry)
Elemental Combination: The Will transforms the Senses
Qabalistic World: Chokmah in Assiah
Translation of World: The Wisdom of Manifestation
Suit Color: Pentacles – Green

Keywords: Responsible, reliable, plodding, able to follow through, helpful, dedicated, patient, handy, honorable, alert, steady, diligent, Protective.

Ill-Dignified:Miserly, critical, irresponsible, impatient, timid, insecure, dull, unprogressive, dissatisfied, myopic, stupid, grasping, jealous, cowardly.

Categories: ( Green andRed andTarot )

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